Whereabouts : Kanazawa
Career : unknown
Hobby:Badminton,Game of go

You can cross three bridges as the digital number.

Kanazawa Castle

Kenroku Park

The Bridge of Tokiwa

The Bridge of Tenjin

The Bridge of Ume
wThe returned Bridgex

5@Only two people

After this dance party, though their classroom was respectively different, they went out to the dance party which a city and a cultural circle held together.
gNext time, I want to try rumba and a tango.h
He said as her teacher.
gArgentine tango is passionate, because it is the dance to draw a woman's charm to the full."
She changed a topic.
gAre you single though you live in the neighborhood?h
He answered quickly.
gMy wife died five years ago, I was living with my son now.h
She talked herself with nodding.
gAfter my husband died in the accident, I live on an old woman and the daughter who is fifteen years old, too. I am doing the work of the office work in the insurance company. I may dance to follow a young person. I am said myself as garound fortyh.h
 She belonged to the age before and after forty years old.
gWoom, I think you are younger. Then I am said as garound fiftyh, amnft I?h
He winked. Let's give up a topic about the age to each other, because they were speaking with worrying about their eyes a little in the neighborhood.

6 Won't you get along?

As she became good gradually, two persons were dancing as soon as they listened to the tune at the dance party which they went out to together. As for the picture drawn on the white canvas with the silhouettes of two people, they were dancing boldly, delicately and freely.They would be seen by a classroom people with the eyes of envy. Hiroshi whispered in her ear with dancing.
gCan I have time with you a little today? g
She said.
The fire of the candle was shining red in the lounge on the high-rise floor of the hotel.The fire of the distant building formed a night silhouette.
He asked.
gWhat do you have drunk?h
She said.
"I want juice or something because I don't drink alcohol.h
"Shall I take a cocktail?"
When a waiter carried a drink to the table, the flame of the candle moved a little with the wind that he was produced.
Hiroshi said.
gI say frankly.h
Tomoko answered.
gThough I have one son, that EEE. I want to associate with me based on the marriage. It is all right even if you have it cut off.h
She answered calmly.
gI have my old woman and my daughter. Is it still good?h
He said with being flushed a little.
"I want to live with five families together."
gFor a while, we will take the opportunity which each other's family and future life are@thought about. How do you like it?h
It was the way of saying that a girl manager advised a junior with a terribly calm word.We must make each family happy. Then, each other didn't think that it had to do to be hasty.

7@The legend of "the returned bridge"

Tonight they were on the return way of the dance party.
She said.
gI thought about various things from that time. However, may we only become happy?I thought whether the present is all right, when I thought about the person whom had gone ahead of and my child and our family.h
He said with nodding to that, too.
gI kept thinking about that, too. As for the deceased, we aren't understood. But, I think that persons in our family are certainly glad.h
She said as she understood it.
gSomeday, I will have to consult my daughter and my old woman. Won't you wait so far? g
gWhen it is good, it is not that it gets flustered. I wait for you.hThen, they stared at each other's eye for a while.
gThere is a legend of greturned bridgeh in our town, isn't there?h
Strangely he asked it again.
gWhere is it?h
gIn the bridge built across the Sai river, after a prayer is given to the Toki bridge and the Ama bridge and the Ume bridge, when lovers cross, persons in the neighborhood are the legend that they are surely blessed, too.h
gIf the mind is made up once, "the returned bridge" is said from not being returned to the place any more, soh
He said as he was a little surprised.
hthe returned bridgeh was heard for the first time."
I will be able to explain.
gWhen one keeps crossing a bridge at night of the new moon as the picture with a single pen stroke, it is the legend that a wish is satisfied after ten months.h
The River Sai flew through the center of the town, as Mt. Siroi that God lives was made the source way, which the River Sai kept water of the thaw in large quantities even in summer.
@Though the bridge of Ten was being written in the bridge of Ama long ago, it was the entrance of the mountain trail of Mt. Siroi. To Cross the the bridge of Ama was to pass through the gate that a dragon rose from there into the sky. The bridge of Toki was a bridge following God who kept time. Then, it was said that the bridge of Ume came from the tree of Ume which made a big circle bloom in the ground. These bridges were crossed to worship to God who kept the sky and the ground and time since the universe had been beginning of the world.That combines with the astrology of the Western civilization after the Meiji Period, it seemed that a bridge legend could be done. Every time the returned bridges met big flood damage after the Meiji Period, though they was washed away, they had been rebuilt every time by the good request of the district. The returned bridge was crossed by the third generation of the parent and child and grandchild who lived in the district at every reconstruction. They prayed that the sky, the ground, time and a person united and matched.By the training which made it accomplish a prayer, three side sticked of the number of 8 are compared to the bridge, and lovers walked as the picture with a single pen stroke.If it was 6 for example, lovers fell with the right railing of the bridge of Ume on the lower reaches, and it crossed the bridge of Ume, and climbs the riverbank of the left bank, and went to the bridge of Toki on the upper reaches by two persons. Then, the letter of 6 was made of picture with a single pen stroke when they crossed the bridge of Toki and came down the riverbank of the right bank and crossed the bridge of Ama in the middle. As for the letter of 3 and the letter of 4, they weren't written with a single pen stroke,and they had a place to overlap. A man carried a woman on his back, when a bridge was crossed or when he walked in the riverbank. It was improper at the time of the letter of 8 if they never fell in the bridge of Ama.A prayer was done in the evening of the new moon of about every one month. It began from nine of the number at night of the first new moon, and it was done in turn to the number of 0. Then, it was done only at the time of the number of 0 which a prayer matched in the day of the full moon.
gThough it is a difficult explanation, if it is continued to cross a bridge by the picture with a single pen stroke, our family blesses us certainly in the day which a prayer matches. We must never talk to the person so far. g
He said irritatingly.
"Then, is it to be after ten months?"
She said flatly.
gAren't we inevitable because we came with the child for no less than about twenty years?Won't we forgive a marriage by that if each other's feeling is unchanged because we pile up a date with us doing various stories in those periods? g
He said soon.
"My feeling is unchanged. If so, let's begin in this month."
With seeing an eye to each other, when a cheeks smile was returned, there was a little dimple in her left cheek.

8@the training to accomplish the prayer of the returned bridge

@As for this January 23, though the month light of the new moon was not in the blue and transparent sky, it was the starlit sky which could feel the determination of two people with. The training to accomplish a lovers' wish every month from today until October almost began. They carried out the training to accomplish the prayer of the returned bridge with talking about the work, the family, the life, the personal thing and a future matter.Because it was the letter of 9 today, Tomoko did waiting with the right railing of the bridge of Ama of the steel frame construction.The craftsmen who finished a wash of the kimono of the Kaga Yuzen printing had thrown his eyes a little.
Hiroshi appeared when a figure was being watched after them without whereabouts.
gI am sorry. Did you make it wait? Well, we begin today. When the training to satisfy a prayer will be finished, we will have a blessing received by our children certainly.h
She said with looking in his eye.
"Let's make it secret to the family so far."
He proposed to write something in our secret diary.
gSo so. Don't you write what kind of story was done every time in the exchange diary?
She said.
"The diary that locks it"
He answered.
gWhen does a new moon become? I write the time of the full moon of the day which a wish matches, too. We will carry this out in the day of the rain and the snow and the storm.h
"Because there is not one key, we are decided that the person who writes a diary in every two months has it."
They promised, and began to walk in the route of the letter of 9 of the picture with a single pen stroke. They left from the right railing of the bridge of Ama, and it crossed this bridge. They went down the left bank with listening to the sound of the murmur of the river. They crossed the bridge of Ume supported by two bridge Japanese clogs.
Then, it went back to the right bank of the river of Sai, and passed under the bridge of Ama, and walked in the left bank, and they were the place to cross the bridge of Toki of the tree construction. he kept an exchange diary. Though it was about one hour, they talked a silly story in such cases as the dance, the taste and cooking.They thought why a daily story was so pleasant. They felt to be happy though it was said that they lived every day. When Hiroshi came back to the house, at once, he opened the exchange diary, and then a mark was stamped in the schedule of the day of the new moon and the day of the full moon which a prayer matched by blue and red. It was written that they talked today. Then, the joy that he could meet her was written in detail. He wrote the state sleeping happily with doing the breathing of son's Yasuo, too. Then, he put a pocket behind the cover, and put his photograph. On February 22, though it had been snowing today from the morning, today we had to write 8 of the picture with a single pen stroke. We started at the sleeve of the bridge of Ama. We told such a thing that it was cold today. Tomoko slipped, and she seemed to fall into the river. He grasped her hand at once. Then, she was pulled up. It was written in the diary that we discussed whether we intended to be careful of each other from now. It was the turn which she wrote in the diary from the next time. He had to deliver a key and a diary. What would you think of after you read my contents? He thought what kind of contents she wrote again. I dreamed a happy dream.Snow didn't have a day on March 5, and it had been raining from the morning, and chilly.The diary which wrote down all the pictures with a single pen stroke of the letter of 8 was submitted, and he said.
"The pattern of 8 was finished. Let's carry it out in the pattern of 7 today."
She said to see the diary.
gThere are only twelve patterns of 8, too. It is strange.h
He answered.
gBecause 8 is the number which will cause good fortune in the future, or it may have relations with following infinity.h
She told another answer.
gWhich pattern is taken, or there may be meaning that we should talk many times.h
He said laughing.
gWe decided it immediately.h
We were a little amazed at being stretching various thought even around such.She told with a little smiling.
gI will write this time and next time. It looks forward to reading your diary.h
He told shamefully.
gIt is a little shameful. Don't expect it very much.h
"What should I write?"
gIf you write the worries to the future and so on, I want to write the some attempt solutions of that consultation.h
As for the departure of the bridge of Ama, they were divided on the opposite side today.It was cold today, though I wanted to hold her shoulder, even as for the day which a prayer matched, he was a little endured.
March 22.Though the rumor that cherry blossoms would bloom soon can be heard, the bud of the riverbank was still waiting for spring to have blushing. He decided that a children's story would be done today. He went to the bridge of Ama.Tomoko who put on his kimono of the Yuzen printing was a little late.
gI am sorry. It is a little late with a small business.h
He saw her eye, and said.
"Does your daughter say anything?"
She shook a face a little, and said.
gUmmm. There is nothing, tooh
Though he felt something to be between her daughter of the age and her, he didn't touch any further. We walked in the pattern of the letter of 6 today.Though it was about one hour, they had a feeling that got tired a little today.What was between her and her daughter? Might I do such a prayer? Should we talk to our children directly?My son Yasuo who passed in the technical college in Tokyo was collecting his baggage because he lodged in Tokyo, when he came back to the house.
gWhen you want to confer, you go to the lady in Tokyo. Mail, or do a cellular phone for me. Do you have a ticket?@Do you have urgent living expenses? You may work part-time, but you do as much as a limit. Because you have no time which can be studied now, you study hard."
"I know, I know everything."
Though he said, his parent's advice went from his right ear, and left his left ear.
gMy father, are you alone? It is no good if you are overconfident of the refrigerator.
You should repeal what a deadline for tasting passed.
He received a counterattack from his son.
gSo that I may not do what is wasteful, so long as it eats on me, I try not to buy it.Do you have a health insurance card?"
My son repeated a vague answer.
He said
gToday, shall we drink liquor only with two people?h
After his son went to the cramming school for one year, he entered a university, he had just been twenty years old.
gI take next time because I will have to get up early tomorrow.h
Man parent was waiting to drink liquor with his child for no less than twenty years.I didnft think that a child can understand a parents' heart.It had looked mature every time he came back after his son entered a university.It was said that a cigarette was taken nowadays, too. As for my son, he became to drink strong liquor, when he came back, hot mizuwari of Shouchu and a highball were being drunk well.When he came back in early July, he asked his father.
"Dose my father make what kind of way of living from now?"
He came to do how to say like an adult.
gIf the person whose you are good is found, you get married.h
I tried to say that it was silly.I doubted it was seen even if my son knew Ms. Tomoko Naoki vaguely. But he must not talk to the son until October which a prayer would match.The word which matured was left, and Yasuo went back to Tokyo.It was the New Year to come back next time.I thought that the way of cleaning of the tomb intended to teach next time, too.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@`to be continued`

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