Whereabouts : Kanazawa
Career : unknown
Hobby:Badminton,Game of go

You can cross three bridges as the digital number.

Kanazawa Castle

Kenroku Park

The Bridge of Tokiwa

The Bridge of Tenjin

The Bridge of Ume
wThe returned Bridgex

9@A big tidal wave

July 19. An ancestor had a memorial service given by washing away a garden lantern to the river. That event had been finished. It kept raining for one month, and a river rose.Because today was the letter of 3, I met Tomoko which put on her white dress in the left bank of the bridge of Ume. We started at the top of the letter of 3. With a letter of 3,Tomoko was carried on Hiroshi's back, and he must finish crossing the bridge of Ama.He had the smell of the faint perfume.Her daughter began the study of the care and nursing into the school of nursing in this year.Tomoko said from his shoulder.
gDaughter Yoshiko asked me. What do you do in the future? She wants me to marry someone because she can't abandon me complicatedly in her life."
"So, our son says such, too."
Children might feel us vaguely. Two persons did sharing one umbrella in the heavy rain and had friendly talks.The siren that discharge began from the dam on the upper reaches of the river Sai began to ring as much as a point.
A big earthquake happened there suddenly.Possibly, they didn't think the tidal wave to come to the upper reaches of the river.The big tidal wave which exceeded 10m in 20 minutes from the earthquake attacked 2 people.A tidal wave from the lower reaches hit discharge water from the upper reaches, and became a big tidal wave. Though houses weren't destroyed very much because they became the structure that stood an earthquake, that big tidal wave of the size which wasn't expected deprived the life of the people who live in the basin and property. Several 100 people got crowded in this town in that big tidal wave.
Two people concluded their hand firmly even during the swift current.
gTomoko! Only even you are to be saved. L loveEEEg
A swift current seemed to deny a word.
"I, too, love yEEE"
It was the thought of two people.In front of Fudouson of about the bridge of Toki which it was said that the people were protected against the flood in the riverbank, Yosiko who had rushed from the school of nursing saw the beautiful figure of her mother who had a cheeks smile a little. Yasuo who went to home the day after tomorrow asked the person of the fire brigade the story, too. Your father's dead body was discovered near Fudouson. Because his house was in about the river, nothing remained of it, and even recollections such as an album disappeared, too.Father's and mother's faint love wasn't known, and then several years passed through the children.

10@A consultation about the personal computer

Yasuo graduated from the technical college in Tokyo somehow, and he was returned to the district nowadays, and worked as a system engineer of the system business maker.In this company, person-making was important, even if he was a system engineer, he was made to go to the general client, and made to take the variety consultation of our personal computer.The company received notification from Miss. Yoshiko Naoki.Though a new personal computer had been purchased, a setup of network was not to understand for her.The Akutagawa who was in the company at that time, was made to make a business trip.
"Good afternoon, I am Akutagawa from the system company."
An old woman comes out,
g Our Yoshiko asks for your help, doesnft sheh
She went to call Yoshiko of the daughter who was in the back.
gMr.Akutagawa of Sys what came.h
She got flustered, and she came out from the back.
gGood afternoon. Ifm Akutagawa of the system engineer company.I come for the setup of the personal computer."

With the expression which Yoshiko was a little surprised at,
gAaa, Are you Mr. Akutagawa?h
He answered cheerfully.
gYes. This is my card. May I set it up soon though it is at once? g
She said as it was a little surprised.
"Yes, please"
He was guided living room.The beautiful photograph thought the mother who resembled a daughter was being exhibited there.
He said in a businesslike manner.
gWon't you mention a name and telephone in this document? Because the service to receive various consultations from now is being done, it is assured free for one year if you can have a company make contact.h
She answered.
He handled the setup of the network and software rapidly.
gPlease you confirm the Internet because a setup was finished. A mail address to my company is input again. We make a business trip if necessary, if you can have contact it makes.h
She asked him.
gEvery time, does Mr.Akutagawa come on?h
"No, because someone can do such work in our company, the employee enrolled at that time comes."
She said disappointingly.
"Is it so?"
"Then, I come back to the company."
"Thank you today. Do you?"
Yoshiko tried to ask a question.
gIs it nothing? I thank for your cooperation againh
A young man saw her, and had a cheeks smile.Then, faint smell and a pleasant word were left, he went back.

11the day of the full moon was the day which a prayer matched

Yoshiko knew everything. She was opening the exchange diary which was mother's important article by using the key. It was being written in the diary to love Hiroshi Akutagawa that mother got acquainted with each other at the dance party. She knew the contents that two people wanted to keep their body purely for the son and the daughter. They met on the day of that big tidal wave at the bridge of Ama, and she knew that her mother might have been carried on Akutagawafs back. And she was watching the diary that son's Yasuo was looking like Hiroshi Akutagawa from the viewpoint of character, too. Then she was a little surprised that young today's man's face looked like a photograph of the cover pocket. She understood that My mother liked the person of such feeling.The Internet set up at once was used, and the day of the full moon in next October was looked up with Yoshiko.
After two, three days, Yoshiko sent both the letter of gratitude that a personal computer was working comfortably and the mail that Mr. Akutagawa should make a business trip again,without her knowing that that is being watched by Akutagawa's boss and a colleague.
After a short time, the mail was received from him.
gA problem didn't seem to occur after that, and I was relieved. Everybody of the company can see sent mail. The reference book which a difference in CC and BCC is mentioned in.and so on.the system business headquarters
Akutagawa g
Yoshiko was told to Yasuo over the telephone recently. She told him.
gHer mother passed away with the big tidal wave. An exchange diary with Yasuo's father was left in her house.  When she talks easily, his cry of Yasuo could be heard from the telephone.
gThough you may have it refused, won't I be able to meet you on the day of the full moon on next October 6 at the bridge of Ume? If you are good?h
He stood tears, and said.
gAn old record isn't left in father's and mother's photograph and article left by the departed, and so on after the big tidal wave. You are asked today, and I want to hear father more. May I ask for that story? It is the day of the next full moon, isnft it?h
They had to make the letter of 0 a picture with a single pen stroke because the day of the full moon was the day which a prayer matched. They must cross only the bridge of Toki and the bridge of Ume at that time without crossing the bridge of Ama. Only as for the number of 0, the sleeve of the left bank of the bridge of Ume was the starting point when they left, and then became the end when they came back. Only the day which a prayer matched became the returned bridge.
Then, the returned bridge knew what had become of two young persons.

The end

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